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dAHi!i!iR SuNat

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Doushite? [22 Aug 2008|11:22pm]
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Eat Sleep AnIme`Manga [19 Aug 2008|10:57am]

I`M an Anime & Manga addict!
Seriously, Sometimes after reading manga and watching anime I feel like I am animated myself in a surreal sort of way, almost as if I could transcend into the world of the imaginary if I could just reach a little further. It feels similar to when I have a conversation with someone and leave thinking, "if only I knew how to communicate a little bit better then we might have been able to transcend the walls that keep us separated as individuals and come to actually understand the hidden parts of who we are that we cannot communicate to others.

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Nothing... [17 Aug 2008|05:54pm]
[ mood | blank ]

-What are you doing?
-Then why are you laying on the floor?
-I don`t know.
-Get up, it`s a beautiful day!
-No I prefer laying here doing this.
-What is it?

That `s how I spent my who summer.

I left LJ for a while, and now I`m back, my school start`s on Monday, tomorrow and so I`m hoping to be here and post for the rest of the year..

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I never get tired of hearing her voiceXD [14 Jan 2008|09:14pm]
Great Norwegian artist. Sissel Kyrkjebø and the song is called Prince Igor.
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